Habitat Island Tour

Habitat Island tour + lesson plan

Start with the tour of the island         
>ask if they think the island is man-made or natural
>after the question is answered ask how they think the island was created
  • Introduce the island by stating the history of the island and how it was made and why 
  • Next, walk around the island and identify as many plants as we can together while asking questions, i.e "what kind of animals do you think live here? do you recognise any animals or plants that you see"
  • Finish the tour of the island and move onto the wetland/park
  • Walk around and take a look at the plants and animals that can be seen and identify them
  •  Mention that there is a beaver that supposedly lives there
  • Enjoy the scenery as we go along
  • Begin asking questions;
  •  "Do you think this place will attract animals, why and why not?" "If you said no, why do you think that and what would you change so that it will attract them" 
  • "Do you think people are attracted to this park and what it has, why or why not"
  • "Do you think the island and park will stay the same as time goes by, if not, what do you think will change/what changes will occur?"
  • Give them time to wander around and review their knowledge on it, taking some notes and prepare for a small quiz on what they learned while they were here;; split into 2 teams or do the quiz as a group
Quiz Questions
  1. List 3 species that are found on the island & park
  2. What year was the island built in & before what event was it built before?
  3. What is the animal that is rumoured to live in the pond?
  4. What kind of duck lives in the pond?
  5. Name 1 plant that is found in the pond
  6. What is the full name of this island? 
  7. Is the island man-made or natural?
  8. Why was this island built?
  9. True or False: The bike land and pedestrian lane are separated
  10. How many bird houses are found on the island? 
Quiz Answers

  1. Mallard duck, bumblebee, robin, crows, seagulls, Canada goose 
  2. The island was built in 2010 before the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver
  3. A beaver
  4. Mallard duck
  5. Cattail 
  6. Habitat Compensation Island
  7. The island is man-made
  8. The island was built as a compensation for removing the natural land and habitats by building the apartment complexes // the law states that if you remove, you have to compensate for it 
  9. True, they are separated by a fence-like thing
  10. 22 (when counted by Ariel & I)