Habitat Island Tour

Habitat Island tour + lesson plan

Start with the tour of the island  >ask if they think the island is man-made or natural >after the question is answered ask how they think the island was created Introduce the island by stating the history of the island and how it was made and why Next, walk around the island and identify as many plants as we can together while asking questions, i.e "what kind of animals do you think live here? do you recognise any animals or plants that you see"Finish the tour of the island and move onto the wetland/parkWalk around and take a look at the plants and animals that can be seen and identify them Mention that there is a beaver that supposedly lives thereEnjoy the scenery as we go alongBegin asking questions; "Do you think this place will attract animals, why and why not?" "If you said no, why do you think that and what would you change so that it will attract them" "Do you think people are attracted to this park and wha…